SOMNOtouch™ NIBP SOMNOmedics

Product Description

Συστήμα  παρακολούθησης Αρτηριακής Πίεσης αίματος  χωρίς περιχειρίδα, με την χρήση του χρόνου διέλευσης του παλμού (PTT),  SOMNOtouch™ NIBP.




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Standart Features

  • Continuous, non-invasive blood pressure measurement without cuff
  • Long-term ECG
  • Oximetry
  • Online signal check on tablet PC or mobile phone
  • MobileCheck
  • Data analysis and report
    • Blood pressure report
    • ECG report
    • Oximetry report
Technical Specifications

Channel Count 22 channels

6 internal (Body position, movement, SpO2, pulse rate, plethysmography,

patient marker)

2 AUX – up to 8 channels per external connector (e.g.: 3 channel ECG, flow,snore, blood pressure calibration)

Data Transfer Data transfer via Bluetooth, wireless data transfer in realtime

12 bit signal resolution

Individually adjustable recording rate from 4/s to 512/s

Data Storage Internal data storage, 512 MB capacity

Charging and data transfer via docking station

Lenght 74 mm
Width 55 mm
Height 16 mm
Weight 58 gr (inc. battery)
Display High resolution, color touch display, resolution 320 x 240 pixels
Power Supply Li-Ion battery (rechargeable),up to  26 hours recording durationt



5 μετρήσεις σε μια 1 συσκευή


  • Αρτηριακή Πίεση
  • ECG 3  καναλιών
  • Οξυμετρία
  • Ακτιμετρία
  • Pulse Wave Velocity


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