SOMNOscreen™ plus

Product Description

Συστημα πολυκαταγραφικής μελέτης σύμφωνα με τα AASM  standards

Από ένα σύστημα βασικής παρακολούθησης έως ένα πλήρες σύστημα  πολυκαταγραφικής μελέτης  ύπνου (έως 58 κανάλια )

απεριόριστη κινητικότητα για ασθενή και εξεταστή  ασύρματη μεταφορά όλων των σημάτων στον Η/Υ


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Standard Features

  • Miniaturized, portable unit
  • Up to 58 channels – 8 channels integrated in main menü
  • Modular design upgradeable at any time
  • Data recorded at 16 bit
  • Adjustable sampling rate up to 512/s (optional 4096/s)
  • Display with control keys allows PC independent set-up and operation
  • Signal check on display or at the patient’s bedside on a tablet PC
  • Li-Ion battery without memory effect. Provides 33 hours of continuous recording of a full PSG study
  • Data storage on high speed Compact Flash Card with up to 2 GB capacity or up to 100 hours of PSG recording time
  • Realtime data transfer
  • Continuous recording of electrode impedance
  • Synchronised, wireless video recording
  • High-resolution brain mapping

Optional Accessories

  • 3-channel-ECG
  • Portable oesophageal pressure recording with balloon catheter for long-term measurements
  • Miniaturized pneumotachograph for PAP flow recordings or for calibrated volume determination
  • Pneumatic based effort sensors
  • Long-term pH-monitor
  • Rectal measurement of temperature
  • Sensor for diagnosing erectile dysfunction
  • Paediatric sensorkit
  • Sidestream or transcutaneous capnography

Technical Features

Channel Count 58
Data Transfer Wireless
Data Storage High-speed Compact Flash Card (up to 2 gb capacity)
Length 140 mm
Width 70 mm
Height 28 mm
Weight 220 gr (inc. battery)
Power Supply Li-Ion battery (rechargeable)

for up to 33 hours of ambulatory PSG

and 61 hours of screening


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